The Professional Services
of Labour safety outsourcing


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Benefits of outsourcing labor safety

Labour safety outsourcing

Outsourcing costs depend on the size of the enterprise and the volume of services provided. No additional costs, except for the fixed amount of the contract
Full responsibility in accordance with the terms of the contract and the legislation of Ukraine
We work 24/7 and for the result. We do not go on vacation or have sick leaves.

Staff engineer

The costs of an engineer include salaries, taxes, sick leave payments, vacation payments, etc. And also, it is necessary to equip a workplace, provide equipment, mobile communications
Responsibility only within the scope of work duties
A full-time engineer may have sick leave, he is entitled for annual

Why do customers choose us?

Territorial coverage

We work not only in Kyiv, but also provide individual labour protection services throughout Ukraine


According to the terms of the contract, we are responsible for keeping confidential information


Our experience in labour protection allows us to find optimal solutions for business


Competitive prices and the most favorable terms of cooperation, payments only for what you need

We offer outsourcing services in such areas




Real Estate












Association of co-owners of an apartment building ACAB


What is the cooperation scheme?

1Service request
For example, conduct an internal audit on labour protection, develop all the documentation or individual documents, conduct a consultation, conclude a subscription service agreement, i.e. labour protection outsourcing and so on.
2Information analysis
We study all the information you provide (staffing, types of activities, availability of equipment, hazardous types of work, etc.) and prepare a commercial offer.
3Commercial offer
After analyzing the initial data, we formulate a commercial proposal for labour protection, in which we indicate the list of services and documents that are necessary for your enterprise in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. We also provide recommendations on labour protection.
4Conclusion of a contract
We work officially, according to the terms of the contract. In the contract, we prescribe a list of services that will be provided (audit, development of documents, consultation or other), their cost and deadlines.
5The result
As a result, you receive a comprehensive solution for labour protection for your company (a package of documents, an internal audit certificate, a certificate of completion of training in labour protection, and so on).

If you do not have a full-time Labour safety engineer, you can always order our outsourcing services. Our company offers a full range of services on labour protection at the enterprise in the city of Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. You can order a set of all labour protection documents from us, partial development of the necessary documentation or separate labour protection instructions, regulations, orders, etc. Our specialists will provide qualified advice on labour protection issues , prepare answers to important questions and offer the best option for cooperation. Also, we will conduct an internal audit of labour protection, prepare an audit report and recommendations for eliminating inconsistencies that were found during the audit. For enterprises with up to 20 employees, we offer labour protection outsourcing services . We will help you conduct training on labour protection issues and organize a medical examination of the company's employees. If you need help in investigating an accident at the enterprise or want to prepare for an inspection by the regulatory authorities (State Labour), please contact us. In a short time, we will resolve all issues and organize a labour protection system at the enterprise.
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